Balance No More: Innovative Methods for Work-Life Integration

Leading the Way from Traditional Balance to Progressive Integration of Work and Personal Life

Charlene Wang
5 min readAug 11


We are all balancing different priorities. Perhaps you want to push work projects forward, read interesting books, or spend more time with your loved one. How do you prioritize?

There’s no easy rule to manage all priorities. Some advice may not work for you; others may take you to the next stage. However, when you are taken to the next stage, the advice that brought you to this point may not apply to your journey ahead.

I was aware of this since I have seen many people asking for quick tips to solve their problems during coaching sessions and workshops. Most of them are ambitious to achieve more and know what they want to pursue. They have a long list of priorities across work, research, kids, philanthropy, and more. These folks tend to ask for a few apps that can help balance each priority. When we figured out a new system that solved their problems, they would feel something different, urging them to progress to the next challenge. That’s the typical shiny app syndrome–these people are like detectives. They are always on the hunt for the latest tools to optimize their lives.

In a few months, they will find themselves on the brink of burnout again. Why? Because the solutions were created by others, they don’t know how to tailor the system to their needs. Whenever these detectives face new challenges, the system breaks down again.

Do you know anyone who struggles with work-life balance? These struggles can often lead to burnout if not addressed. Spotting the symptoms early on is crucial to optimize the process. Simply finding another quick fix won’t solve the underlying issue.

Most people put work and life on two ends of a seesaw. People worked very hard to find a balancing point. But what if balancing is not necessary? Instead of seeing work and life as two separate constructs, what if the seesaw dividing work and life is an illusion?

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Charlene Wang

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