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How I Wrote 200 Articles in 200 Days

Maybe you haven’t realized that the time you spend living is content creation in progress.

Charlene Wang
6 min readNov 7, 2020


I don’t write full time.

I have a day job as a product manager.

I sit in meetings all day and sometimes have to work through nights.

Yet, I managed to write 200 articles in 200 days. Let me tell you how I did this.

Why did I write 200 articles?

When my bridesmaid, Evelyn, ended her long-distance relationships, I wanted to share my experience with her. I didn’t feel ready, but I knew Evelyn would benefit from hearing my story. I had something to say and someone to read my work, so I leaped to publish my first article on how to make long-distance relationships work. Sometimes the world needs to hear my voice before I am ready.

I used to read a book a week and pamper my day with podcasts and blogs. In fact, I have collected so much stuff that my first 80 essays are purely from my notes. I waited four years to see if this body of knowledge will magically turn into wisdom. Nothing happened. This begs the question:

How did I make time to publish 200 articles…



Charlene Wang

Founder, Distillable; Ex-Google Product Manager, Health AI