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How I Wrote 200 Articles in 200 Days

Maybe you haven’t realized that the time you spend living is content creation in progress.

Charlene Wang
6 min readNov 7, 2020


I don’t write full time.

I have a day job as a product manager.

I sit in meetings all day and sometimes have to work through nights.

Yet, I managed to write 200 articles in 200 days. Let me tell you how I did this.

Why did I write 200 articles?

When my bridesmaid, Evelyn, ended her long-distance relationships, I wanted to share my experience with her. I didn’t feel ready, but I knew Evelyn would benefit from hearing my story. I had something to say and someone to read my work, so I leaped to publish my first article on how to make long-distance relationships work. Sometimes the world needs to hear my voice before I am ready.

I used to read a book a week and pamper my day with podcasts and blogs. In fact, I have collected so much stuff that my first 80 essays are purely from my notes. I waited four years to see if this body of knowledge will magically turn into wisdom. Nothing happened. This begs the question:

How did I make time to publish 200 articles in 200 days?

Well, it typically starts after dinner. Dinner might have been chicken legs and jasmine rice. As I took the final sip of my oolong tea, sitting in the family room with the last bit of light coming in, I would ask my fiancé, Chris, “What should I write about tonight?” I like to bounce ideas off of Chris and he always responds with the same question, “What’s on your mind?” Talking my ideas out loud helps clarify my focus. “200 days (this letter), team management, and Model Breakers (my book),” my intuition declared.

After Chris walked away, I opened my laptop to check out my recent drafts on Substack. I ensured that there were at least 30 working drafts at all times. My intuition chimed in as I went through them. That intuition would beget my energy for the next two to three hours.

“But I just don’t have enough time.”



Charlene Wang

Founder of Distillable, Author of Model Breakers, Former Product Manager at Google